Taylor Phelps
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Taylor Phelps is a California State University of Channel Islands graduate with a degree in Communications. Born and raised near the coast of Southern California, she has developed a passion for the ocean and the mountains. Additionally, she has a special interest in cross cultural communication and plans to develop her knowledge on the topic by traveling the world someday.

Getting Barreled in Miami – NubTv

Ben Gravy and his NubTv crew queue up for an epic surf at South Beach, Miami. This spot breaks two times a year, and when it does, the conditions are fun! Not that these waves form double overhead ban…

NubTV – Flagler Beach Flareup

Follow Ben Gravy and the other NubTV boys as they take on a competition at Flagler Beach from start to finish, hang with their crew, and meet a couple local groms along the way. Ben Gravy is a surfer …

25 Hilarious Slang Surf Terms

Here are 25 slang surf terms that are second nature to us, but might really confuse your co-workers and family. Conditions: used to describe the waves, winds, and overall conditions Glassy: the waves …

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