Kainalu Kamai
Kainalu Kamai
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My name is Kainalu N.K. Kamai, 24, and im from Wahiawa, Hawaii. I grew up on the island of Oahu and enjoys everything Hawaii has to offer me. I love the ocean, just much as I love photography. I started my photography business and hobby in 2011 after switching my art style of drawing and painting, to taking photos. It was from that moment on, everything changed for the better. When I began taking photos, I wanted to base my style of photography through surf and the ocean. Over the years I considered myself to be a Surf Photographer but more towards shooting surfers in the wave more than shore break or empty waves because I knew thats where the action and scene was. Besides shooting anything surf related, I am also a very well diverse photographer. I take photos of almost anything and will have to no boundaries to push my creativity further. Ive done shoots from, surf, landscape, night photos, portraits, clubs and event scenes, automobiles, and even products / merchandise. Along with my work, I also tend to always capture it in a way where I can tell a story of how that day went. Often, I'll write about my photo session in a blog post on my website and share it with others so that they can see how I take photos, where I am, whats going, and why I'm taking those shots. Upon looking through my work, you will feel an adventurous and dramatic mood through these photos. If you want to enjoy Hawaii through my perspective, feel free to join me in these photos and see what I get to see every time I'm out on a shoot.

Aloha from Hawaii

Aloha everyone, This is Kainalu Kamai and I’m a photographer from Hawaii and now a part of The Surf Channel team. I am very excited to be contributing my work and lifestyle with you all and look…

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