1 OF 4 - INSIGHT: Carlos Muñoz, Costa Rica’s Wildcard

By Quinn MacWatters I Surf Channel
Fresh off his Hurly Pro 2014 Video victory earning him a wildcard spot into the ASP World Tour main event at Lower Trestles, Carlos Muñoz is proving to be quite a force out in the water. Winning the contest by a landslide, the 21-year-old Costa Rican surfer has been receiving an overwhelming amount of support from his native country, something he is very grateful for. The young ripper sat...Read More


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2 OF 4 - VIDEO: Jay Adams’ Last Surf in Puerto Escondido

By Shannon Marie I Surf Channel
Skateboard legend Jay Adams spent his final days on Earth scoring waves in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Shortly after surfing some of the biggest barrels Puerto had seen in years, the original Z-Boys crew member died of a heart attack at the age of 53. On August 11, 2014, this clip was filmed as Jay paddled out with local surfer Coco Nogales. Jay passed away three days later. Video by Nich...Read More

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3 OF 4 - LIVE NOW! Billabong Pro Tahiti at Teahupo’o

By The Surf Channel I Surf Channel
The world’s best surfers are preparing for battle at the Billabong Pro Tahiti, which gets underway August 15th - 26th at the world-famous reef pass of Teahupo’o. This year marks the 17th installment of the contest on the World Championship Tour and the 2014 event will offer the ASP Top 34 vital points towards the World-Title race. Watch the perfect 10's at Teahupo'o during last year's Bil...Read More

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4 OF 4 - Dungeons Challenge, South Africa – ASP Big Wave World Tour

By The Surf Channel I Surf Channel
* UPDATE: As of August 15th, the Yellow Alert has been called off by ASP. Tune-in for future swells on the horizon for a possible call. The ASP Big Wave World Tour (BWWT) has placed the Dungeons Challenge in South Africa on Yellow Alert with a projected deep-water swell heading towards the region. Event organizers are closely monitoring a system that is traveling towards Cape Town and ASP will ...Read More

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VIDEO: 6-Year-Old Surfer & Skater, Quincy Symonds:

It's true when they say age is just a number, and Quincy Symonds is a living testimony. The 6-year-old athlete mastered surfing almost immediately, with no fear of the ocean at a charmingly young age. "My name is Quincy Symonds and they call me the flying squirrel." Quincy Symonds is not y...

Posted by: Melissa Gasia
August 22, 2014
VIDEO: Worst Wipeouts, Billabong Pro Tahiti:

Opening day of the Billabong Pro Tahiti greeted the ASP Men's top competitors with 10-15 ft surf at Teahupo'o. It was a full day of both triumph and tragedy as amazing rides went down, and cringing wipeouts were had. Matt Wilkinson (AUS), Adam Melling (AUS), Taj Burrow (AUS), Mick Fanning (AUS), A...

Posted by: The Surf Channel
August 20, 2014
INTERVIEW: San Clemente Local Surf Artist, Lauren Tannehill:

Born and raised on the beaches of Southern California, surf artist Lauren Tannehill glows with love for the ocean, sun, and the simple pleasures of life. As a child, her two grandmothers taught her how to paint, and it's been vibrant, abstract artwork ever since. After spending sometime on the islan...

Posted by: Emily Bates
VIDEO: Nathan Hedge Perfect-10 Teahupo’o:

Australian wildcard Nathan Hedge is no stranger to Teahupo'o. In fact, the "Hog" has made it through to the finals before at the Billabong Pro Tahiti in 2004, during his previous years on the WCT circuit. The North Narrabeen local took runner-up position last week at the Air Tahiti Nui Billabong...

Posted by: Shannon Marie
VIDEO: Billabong Pro Tahiti, Biggest Barrels at Teahupo’o:

If you weren't watching the Billabong Pro Tahiti fire off in some of the most epic Teahupo'o conditions on record, what the heck were you doing? It was all time, adrenaline-high and almost too much to take in. Surely the real deal was 10-times as gnarly in person, yet these images of 10-15 ft Chopes...

Posted by: Shannon Marie

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