1 OF 4 - Volcom UnsOund Surf Pro in Long Beach, New York City

By Shannon Marie I Surf Channel
UnsOund Surf Shop, New York’s premier surf store, is proud to announce that professional surfing is alive and well in the Empire State. This fall, the 2014 UnsOund Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom will storm the shores of Long Beach, Long Island, offering the same unrivaled display of postmodern shredding that’s made this event an East Coast staple for 17 years now. From September 18-21st, t...Read More


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2 OF 4 - Lakey Peterson Eliminates World No 1, Carissa Moore, At Lower Trestles

By Tory Knoepfel I Surf Channel
The high performance competition this afternoon at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California, showcased the level of talent amongst female surfers, as the Swatch Womens Pro continued ASP World Tour competition. The biggest upset of the day saw current #6 in the world, Californian Lakey Peterson (USA), eliminate #1 in the world, Carissa Moore (HAW), from competition in Round 4. The upset shift...Read More

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3 OF 4 - Hurley Pro Trestles, Lowers Preview

By The Surf Channel I Surf Channel
The Hurley Pro at Trestles and the Swatch Women’s Pro Trestles will play host to the world’s best surfers from September 9 – 20, 2014 at one of the most high-performance waves on the planet, Southern California’s Lower Trestles. The Men's Top 34 and Women's Top 17 favor the world class point break at San Onofre State Beach in San Clemente, as the "skatepark" of surfing - one of the most a...Read More

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4 OF 4 - VIDEO: Newport Point Hurricane Marie via Aerial Drone

By Quinn MacWatters I Surf Channel
This past week, Hurricane Marie pounded the Southern California coastline with massive swell. Waves as high as 25 ft attracted thousands of spectators and surfers alike, all with hopes of catching some of the biggest SoCal surf seen in years. On "Big Wednesday", August 27th, 2014, Adam Guy took to Newport Point and captured incredible footage of Marie transforming the point into some sort of ...Read More

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Big Wave
INTERVIEW: Amputee Waterman & Big Wave Surfer, Jeff Denholm:

Amputee waterman and big wave surfer, Jeff Denholm, won't let one arm stop him from enjoying the ocean and pushing the limits. He not only loves down wind paddling; he has competed in four Molokai to O'ahu races. And yes, he also surfs massive waves, towing-in to at Easter Reed in Australia and the ...

Posted by: Shannon Marie
September 16, 2014
Lowers Freesurf Photo Gallery:

As the Hurley Pro Trestles and Swatch Women's Pro remain on standby until Tuesday the 16th, athletes continue to train at Lowers in San Clemente, California. Fans have enjoyed watching their favorite male and female competitors get in the water at the pristine break. Check out the freesurf acti...

Posted by: John Alvarez
September 15, 2014
Breaking News
ASP Changes Name to “World Surf League”:

Call it mainstream marketing, or what you will... but professional surfing has a new face for the ASP World Championship Tour. The governing body of competitive surfing released a statement announcing that as of 2015, ASP will change its name to the "World Surf League." The change comes at a ti...

Posted by: Shannon Marie
SurfAid Cup Malibu Raises More Than $127,000:

Team Firewire has convincingly won the SurfAid Cup Malibu in four foot surf at the iconic pointbreak, with 12 teams raising more than $127,000 for the humanitarian organization SurfAid. Firewire (Mark Price, Taylor Jensen, Johnny Noris, Noah Erikson and their pro surfer Mike McCabe) scored 110.77...

Posted by: Melissa Gasia
September 12, 2014
Big Wave
Hurricane Swell Alert in North Pacific Ocean:

California's hurricane season is not over yet. In fact, a massive storm is brewing in the North Pacific Ocean looking to slam Mexico and head up the coast of California. The south swell is likely to produce overhead waves in Southern California for next week, starting around Monday or Tuesday, Septe...

Posted by: Shannon Marie

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