1 OF 4 - VIDEO: Tom Curren Perfect 10 at J-Bay

By Shannon Marie I Surf Channel
What could be better than watching the world's Top WCT surfers score flawless 8 ft J-Bay? Throw legends Tom Curren (USA) and Mark Occhilupo (AUS) into the lineup, then watch and learn. Growing up with the long right-hander of Santa Barbara's Rincon in his front yard, Tom Curren pulled out all the stops at Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay during the inaugural ASP Heritage Series. Watch the 50-year-ol...Read More


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2 OF 4 - Storm Swell High Alert for Dungeons, South Africa

By Shannon Marie I Surf Channel
The largest swell of the season is approaching South Africa putting big wave surfers on high alert for a possible call at Dungeons. Thankfully, the ASP WCT will see epic conditions for the final rounds of the J-Bay Open. Meanwhile in Cape Town, the Big Wave World Tour may also get the green light for competition at South Africa's most dangerous big wave break.   The Southern Hemi's...Read More

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3 OF 4 - EXPOSURE: Surf Photographer Zak Noyle

By Emily Bates I Surf Channel
An original Surf Channel production, "Exposure" is an ongoing series featuring the world's most talented surf photographers. Episode one begins with the recent Red Bull Illume contest finalist, Hawaiian photographer Zak Noyle. Raised on the beautiful island of O'ahu, professional surf photographer Zak has emerged as one of the leading artists in action sports imagery. His father, Ric Noyle, i...Read More

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4 OF 4 - Top 10 Summer Bikinis 2014: Photo Gallery

By The Surf Channel I Surf Channel
Our favorite time of year has finally arrived! With warm weather, solid south swells and plenty of day light, it's officially time to announce The Surf Channel's Top 10 Summer Bikinis of 2014. A wide variety of trending swimwear is featured this season, from highly fashionable to extremely functional, ensuring that all of our surfer babes are set for summertime. The Surf Channel has hand ...Read More

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Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro Returns to San Diego:

The Surf Channel is proud to support the largest female surf contest in the world, coming up this summer in North County San Diego. ASA Entertainment announces the return of the Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro to Southern California, an ASP 6-Star competition that stands as the only qualifying ev...

Posted by: Allison Jervis
July 22, 2014
Big Wave
The Mel Family: 3 Generations of Champions:

The Mel family has supported the surf community since the beginning, even before surfboard shaper John Mel opened up Freeline Surf Shop on 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz. Father to Mavericks Invitational champion and ASP Big Wave World Tour Deputy Comissioner, Peter Mel, John started shaping in 1966 out...

Posted by: Shannon Marie
Chris Burkard’s “Gallery for Ants” with olloclip:

olloclip®, the creator of easy-to-use mobile photography tools, is showcasing A Gallery for Ants - an avant-garde, miniature art exhibition at the Shorebreak Hotel during the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California, July 31st – August 3rd. olloclip and award-winning surf and adventu...

Posted by: Sophia Bott
Call To The Wall: Boardriders Compete at Malibu’s First Point:

Calling all boardriders! July 19-20th kicks off the 23rd Annual Call to the Wall contest at the most famous right on the coast, Malibu's First Point. Come down to Surfrider Beach this weekend to watch the top noseriders on the long right-hander, as well as shortboard heats, a paddle race, and much ...

Posted by: Shannon Marie
July 18, 2014
Big Wave
VIDEO: Puerto Escondido ‘Wipeout of the Year” Ricardo dos Santos:

Playa Zicatela is scattered with broken boards this week. Mexico’s infamous Puerto Escondido is a prime location to film the world's biggest rides and epic wipeouts. When big wave surfers got word of the pulsing south swells south of the border, Billabong XXL nominations started rolling through....

Posted by: Quinn MacWatters

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