1 OF 4 - VIDEO: Laird Hamilton Malibu Pier “Big Wednesday”

By Shannon Marie I Surf Channel
Malibu local and legendary waterman Laird Hamilton put on a show during the Big Wednesday swell when he skillfully shot the Malibu Pier in front of a crowded shoreline. Hamilton later had to rescue someone, who was struggling as he was swept away by the powerful surf.  The "Hundred Year Storm", Jay Adams sent down to the boys, made THIS Big Wednesday one we'll never forget." - Malibu Under D...Read More


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2 OF 4 - Hurricane Marie Hits Southern California

By Shannon Marie I Surf Channel
Hurricane Marie started as a category 5 storm in the Pacific Ocean, making it's way towards Southern California with a southeast directional swell producing the best waves of the summer. 92 degree sunny weather at many beaches made Tuesday and Wednesday the time of the season to paddle out and score some bombs. The hurricane is now a category 2, and many piers and beaches in Southern California...Read More

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3 OF 4 - INSIGHT: Carlos Muñoz, Costa Rica’s Wildcard

By Quinn MacWatters I Surf Channel
Fresh off his Hurly Pro 2014 Video victory earning him a wildcard spot into the ASP World Tour main event at Lower Trestles, Carlos Muñoz is proving to be quite a force out in the water. Winning the contest by a landslide, the 21-year-old Costa Rican surfer has been receiving an overwhelming amount of support from his native country, something he is very grateful for. The young ripper sat...Read More

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4 OF 4 - VIDEO: Jay Adams’ Last Surf in Puerto Escondido

By Shannon Marie I Surf Channel
Skateboard legend Jay Adams spent his final days on Earth scoring waves in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Shortly after surfing some of the biggest barrels Puerto had seen in years, the original Z-Boys crew member died of a heart attack at the age of 53. On August 11, 2014, this clip was filmed as Jay paddled out with local surfer Coco Nogales. Jay passed away three days later. Video by Nich...Read More

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Breaking News
Photo Gallery: Hurricane Marie Delivers Best Conditions in Los Angeles:

Hurricane Marie came, saw and conquered Southern California. The Southern Hemisphere tropical storm has been pushing waves of near record breaking sizes into the area for the last four days and has delivered the best conditions California has seen all summer. Check out this collection of photos from...

Posted by: Scott Bosco
August 29, 2014
Big Wave
Surfer Drowns at Malibu First Point in High Surf:

High surf in Southern California produced by Hurricane Marie this week was blamed for the loss of a surfer who drowned Tuesday morning at Malibu's First Point around 11:30am, August 26th, 2014. A heart attack is now thought to be the cause of death. Reports confirm the man was in his mid-40's and...

Posted by: Shannon Marie
August 26, 2014
VOTE NOW: Urban Barrels: #AlwaysBarreled Contest Finalists:

The Surf Channel teamed up with Urban Barrels for the #AlwaysBarreled Instagram contest giveaway! The top 10 finalists have been narrowed down, and now it's your chance to vote for your favorite barrel shot. Cast your vote in the poll below for their chance to win a FREE Barrel Chaser Pack! Urb...

Posted by: Emily Bates
Big Wave
INTERVIEW: Mavericks Pioneer Mark Alfaro – Off The Lip Radio:

Mavericks pioneer Mark Alfaro is tonight's legendary guest on Off the Lip Radio Show. The big wave charger has plenty of stories to share about surfing the world's most challenging surf spot with the late Jay Moriarity. Join us on Tuesday, August 26th from 7-8 PM PST for Off the Lip Radio ...

Posted by: Shannon Marie
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Gabriel Medina (BRA) Wins Billabong Pro Tahiti:

The world’s best surfers put everything on the line as they battled the world’s most dangerous wave for a historic Finals day at the Billabong Pro Tahiti, stop no. 7 on the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour (WCT).The Final Day's 12-man field took on perilous conditions and monster...

Posted by: The Surf Channel

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